Thursday, 13 March 2014

Batch Rendering in Maya not working

After i run the batch rendering, i can get it run, (usually i can judge that from the noise of my cpu fans) but it just stop

Use the finder; press Shift + Command +G and type ~/Library/Logs/Maya
you'll find the log in there. It's a simple text file, you can copy it, rename it to mayaRender.txt and open it with the textedit app.

I got the error:
Warning: (Mayatomr.Scene) : output data type "rgba_h" not directly supported by image format jpg, conversion performed by mental ray
IMG  0.2     26 MB warn   102002: type rgba_h not supported by jpg format, using default type rgb

so i did this change:
 Changed the MR Framebuffer > Data Type to "RGBA (Byte) 4x8 Bit" on the Quality tab for now until I have more time to fully absorb (aka read) what I'm trading off. This must be new with Maya 2014 & MR as I don't recall encountering this in Maya 2013. Very much appreciated!

After that, i still get this error:
File read in 0 seconds.
Warning: line 0: This file contains an uncached fluid; rewind and playback to see correct current state.
Warning: line 0: You will need to rewind and play to see your particles. We recommend you then save the file with a startup cache.

I have tried fluid cache:,topicNumber=d30e476322

And startup cache:,topicNumber=d30e442818

but all these solutions are no help.

I dont know, I just render my scenes about every 10 frames each time.

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