Tuesday, 23 September 2014

how to setup your outlook 360 on your iphone

There are two ways to do that:

1, install owa for iphone, if you have iphone 4s+
2, setup your mail with iphone's email APP.

I will only introduce how to do the second method with your iphone 4 or 4-

1. open your setting app of your iphone
2. find email setting page
3. add an email account
4. select "exchange""
5. type your email "xxxx.xxxx@marks-and-spencer.com"
6. type your email.
7. click next
8.  in the next page you should set your server as "outlook.office365.com"  (this is very important!!!)
9. user name set as "xxxx.xxx@mnscorp.net"
10. type your password again.
11. done


on your Mac PC, setup like this:

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