Monday, 24 November 2014

yeoman + codeship + heroku

1. install yeoman, please check (not available recently but you can check their github site)
2. setup your github project and clone to local machine.
3. open a command-line window and redirect to your cloned project.
4. run yo
5. select angular
6. select all default settings
7. select all angular modules at end of the auto wizard.
8. change the bower.json file
9. change the package.json file
10. change Gruntfile.js (just add heroku tasks)
11. add Procfile
12. add Gemfile
13. in codeship. you should add this:
     rvm use 2.0.0-p195
     bundle install
     nvm install 0.10.25
     nvm use 0.10.25
     npm install
     npm install bower -g
     bower install
14. in heroku you should add grunt build package:
         in Settings -->Config variables:


15. you should change karma.conf.js file according to the changes of bower.json and package.json. you should put packages here into karma.conf.js otherwise you will have issue when you run npm test.

16. run grunt build will update you index.html file.

17 put all your css into style/main.scss file.

18 use yo angular:xxx to generate views, controller, service.


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