Monday, 19 January 2015

BAE Nodejs

  1. BAE can run npm install for you. Don't worry about this
  2. However, bae does not run bower install for you. so you need install it
  3. BAE also doesn't build dist for you if you use dist, you need build it locally and remove it from .gitignore file and upload to bae git youself.
  4. An extra app.conf file is necessary, you should put it into your project (without any changes)
  5. BAE lunch your nodejs project by package.json's start script, so please specify your lunch command here.
  6. Your nodejs application should use port ---18080.


1. fatal:The remote end hung up unexpectedly, the reason is my git buffer is too small!!!!!

solution make local git buffer bigger by:

git config http.postBuffer 524288000 

2. Error: failed to connect to []

BAE will close your connection once you operation is finished. So you will keep the connection yourself. One solution for that is you handle the close event and reconnect.

This is a stupid solution, but it is the only way to solve it recently.

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