Sunday, 22 March 2015

how to sort by mongoose or mongodb

The answer is easy:

exports.index = function(req, res) {
News.find().sort('-publishedDate').find(function (err, newss) {
if(err) { return handleError(res, err); }
return res.json(200, newss);

Example from mongoose:

// sort by "field" ascending and "test" descending
query.sort({ field: 'asc', test: -1 });

// equivalent
query.sort('field -test');

You can find the same solution of mongodb here:

Three extra things I want to explain:

1. Nature sort:

instead of sorting by column you can also sort all data by insert order (and store order):

How to use it:

db.collection.find().sort( { $natural: 1 } )

You can use .sort({$natural:-1}) with mongodb and mongoose.

Note: But $natural order is not reliable!!!!

2. find().sort(xxxx) , does it query all and sort after?

The answer is no, checkout this:

For mongoose:

For mongodb:

that only return a cursor.\

3. When the sort operation consumes more than 32 megabytes, MongoDB returns an error.

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