Friday, 17 April 2015

how to add new device into your provisioning profile if it is managed my xcode?

If you use Fabric or other tools to distribute your app to test, you will have a issue:

You can send a release to a lot of people, but it is ridiculous because people cann't install it, because you don't have their device UUID in you provisioning profile and you only can know that when you do next release!!!!!

I don't have a solution for avoiding doing this ridiculous things.

What I am going to explain is how to add the device into your provisioning profile.

First this is a good link for learning cert and app id and provisioning profiles management in apple developer portal:

To add a new device into your using provisioning profile:

1, registory this device:

2, If your provisioning profile is editable in Apple developer portal, you can add the new device into your provisioning profile's device list.  will show pictures for how to do this later.

3, If your provisioning profile is managed by xcode, then you can:

Goto XCode --> Preferences --> Accounts --> ViewDetails -->Refresh -->Done

Then you retry to release your app in Fabric, you should have no problem.

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