Thursday, 2 April 2015

parse push notification cert issue

First, to use parse, you should upload you p12 onto parse then your application can get notification.

That's because parse need your public key(I think) to send notification to apple.

that key should be issued by apple for your app.

To do that, you should create a certificate for your app first, and select notification function.

After you done that, you can open the edit page of your app and open notification section, and you can see a section for creating a cert.

You need upload a request file first.

For this request file, it is interesting, because you must generate this file from your local machine, and this file will contain your personal(developer) information automatically.

Then apple issue the cert for your app's notification and it is just for you.

(you may confuse for this if you done a parse push app before, you still need create a request file.)

Then you may need create a new provisioning file for putting developer and iphone devices into a white list.

Then other people can use their developer cert to deploy their app and deploy onto their phone which in this white name list.

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