Friday, 31 July 2015

android actionbar -- have a back button

People said "android:parentActivityName will give you a back button on your action bar":

However that is not true:

This line of the code will give you the back button:

getSupportActionBar().setDisplayOptions(getSupportActionBar().getDisplayOptions() | ActionBar.DISPLAY_HOME_AS_UP);

According to:

intDISPLAY_HOME_AS_UPDisplay the 'home' element such that it appears as an 'up' affordance.

This will give your the back button , but doesn't give you the functionality of show you the previous page. The redirecting should be done in another place.

In AndroidManifest.xml, by puting this in an activity:

<meta-data    android:name=""
android:value="cxxxxx" />

It is doesn't matter the value, but you must have it.

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