Tuesday, 19 January 2016

parse push notifications not working android

To integreate parse notification into your android application, you just need to follow this:


Note: the first section "install SDK" offers two methods. you can use either of them. i personally recommend the second one gradle.

 If you follow this guide line document strictly, you should be able to make your application works with parse.

But if your app can't get notification. then you can solve the problem by following my check list below:

1. make sure your are using the right key. On the guideline document page, you should select the right app and then you can simply copy the code on the page:

2. make sure you have done all the changes in  " AndroidManifest.xml "

3. make sure you have replace the sample package name by your package name in " AndroidManifest.xml "

4. if you still have issue. then make sure your device has GCM. Because Parse has mentioned that , it uses GCM for push notification on android. (try another device to verify this.)


If you app works but it doesn't show right icon on notification page. then you should read this:


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