Tuesday, 31 May 2016

mac bluetooth keyboard/mouse lose connection

Sometime when i turn on my Mac, my PC cannot connect to my bluetooth keyboard.

Sometime i got lucky if i leave it for 5 minutes, it will automatically get the connection.

Sometime i have to keep switch off, switch on several times to fix it.

This time, it took me more than 1 hour to fix it.

One trick is keep push the power button until it get the connection.

If about method doesn't solve your issue. I can find a USB keyboard and login to your PC and go to System Preferences-> keyboard -> setup bluetooth keyboard.  (before that, make sure you switch off your bluetooth keyboard)  Then push the power button until the "continue" button turns to clickable. Keep holding the power button, use your mouse to click the "continue" button and a pairing screen will appear to ask you to type 8 digit passcode. Then release the keypboard power and enter the passcode. Then it should solve your problem.


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