Friday, 15 July 2016

how to update java to 1.8 on mac (JRE)

Note: this is just for updating JRE, if you want to update JDK the you go to:

Somebody said it is difficult to upgrade java1.7 yo 1.8 on mac and you can not trust Oracle.

I want to say this is not true.

it is very easy to update 1.7 yo 1.8 on mac.

First thing first, you need to check your java version

You can run "java -version" to check your java version.

Then go to System Preferences:

Then you will see java here:

click then:

Then click:

Important :

After updates, your mac is still using 1.7:

To make your Mac to use the new java, you need do this:

After all updates are done:

Then you should set it in to your ENV:

Then close all your terminals and restart all of them.


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