Thursday, 14 July 2016

nw.js vs electron

The Chart

NW.js 0.13.1Electron 0.37.2
Project inception20112014
Corporate SponsorIntelGitHub
LicensingOpen Source, MIT License
Browser RuntimeChromiumlibchromiumcontent
Node.js Version
Chromium Version49.0.2623.10849.0.2623.75 
Entry PointHTML or JavaScript4JavaScript
Bare Distribution Size130MB (47MB zipped)120MB (42MB zipped)
Windows Platform SupportWindows XP + (x86 and x64)Windows 7 + (x86 and x64)
Mac Platform SupportMac OS X.6 +Mac OS X.9 +
Linux Platform Support32bit & 64bit32bit, 64bit & arm
Chrome Apps SupportYesNo
Support of chrome.* APIsYesNo
Plugin SupportNaCL, PepperPepper
Adobe Flash Supportvia Pepper Plugin
Mac App Store SupportYes
Windows App Store SupportYes?
Support for Windows XPYesNo
App signingYes
Source Code ProtectionV8 Snapshot1ASAR Archive Support2
Auto-updateMac/Linux/Win (module)Mac/Win (thru Squirrel)
Crash ReportingNoYes
Kiosk ModePartial (Buggy on Mac5)
PDF Viewer YesNo
Native Node Module SupportYes 
SSL Client CertificateYesUnclear
Print PreviewYesNo
DevTools Extension SupportYesPartial
Windows InstallerYes (nw-builder)Yes (external module) Score521520 
Octane 2.0 Score32795827359
Issue Resolution Time6
Open Issues6
GitHub Trends    
Open Codecs/ContainersVorbis, Theora, Opus, VP8, VP9, PCM, Ogg, WebM, WAV
Licensed Codecs: MP3, MP4, H.264, AACYes7Yes (built-in)
1. Beware that this results in a 30% performance hit.
2. This is a very weak protection. It’s basically a TAR archive of all the project files. The Electron team decided against support for V8 snapshots. See details here.
3. Higher is better. Tests performed on Apple MacBook Pro Retina (Yosemite)
4. This can be done by using the “node-main” instruction in the package.json file or (in version 0.13 and above) through the Chrome Apps manifest file.
5. Kiosk mode is enabled upstream by Chromium. If you would like the Chromium team to improve kiosk mode support on Mac, please vote for it.
6. Data from NW.jsElectron.
7. To support licensed codecs, the ffmpeg library file must be replaced with the ones found here.

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