Friday, 28 October 2016

install ejabberd on ubuntu

You can use apt-get by following this.  But what I want to show you today is by installer if we are mac/windows user, you will like this. By apt-get, you will do all things by commandline, but ejabberd is a very good system, and if your server has GUI (i mean screen) it will install "start" and "stop" short cuts for you. just like windows/mac.

Download the installer from here:

Assume the file name you got is, then you can run:

chmod +x ./

Then it will popup a install window and ask you to set admin password..... just follow the wizard step by step...

Only one thing will confuse you which is the domain name, if you are a supper xmpp user you must know this already. I am explaining this for entry-level users. do main is the thing like your email address which after the @ symbol. for example . it is not only just a part of your email name, it is also an address of your email server. this address will be parsed and converted to and URL by DNS server. So back to our question, what should we do for the domain for my ejabberd installation? If you are going to install on to a server such as AWS which you want to run globally on the internet, you can put your server's static IP address here. Of cause if you have associated a domain name to this IP, then you can put your domain name here as well. However, if you just want to install it into your subnetwork, which most of first time user may want to do. in short , you may just want to install it and do a quick test, just in your office and users will use wifi to connect.  Then you can put anything here (e.g or iheartpeter). And later you need to tell your users to login with: username:  and specific the server IP (most xmpp client should have this feature, normally it doesn't show up, you need switch on this from settings) as your ejabberd server IP address.

After the install program finished you will be able to find "start" and "stop" program icon on your desktop.

Try to run "stop" and it will open a webpage to tell you, you have stopped the server.

and then try "start" it will tell you that your server is running now.

Then you can click the line on the page to go to "admin interface" which is a web page to mange your settings.

Remember to user the admin user to login, the admin user's username is the name + @your domain name.

Then you can create users here:

After that you can create users and then ask your users to try to login.

later you can try below link to discover more advance feature of ejabberd setting here:

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