Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Xmpp, setup Prosody On Ubuntu


>>>>download and install it by run below command:

sudo apt-get install prosody


>>>>> after above command you now have the prosody server running on your computer.

>>>>> check running status, by run below commnad:  (make sure you use "sudo")

sudo prosodyctl status

>>>>>restart it:

sudo prosodyctl restart

>>>>> stop it:
sudo prosodyctl stop

>>>>> start it:

sudo prosodyctl start


Access the admin page to double confirm the server is running.

>>>>To do this you must change your setting a little bit: (make sure you use sudo)

sudo gedit /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua

Find out "admin_telnet", and  remove "--" from the beginning of the line. ("--" is comments)

>>>>> restart prosody by run:

sudo prosodyctl restart

>>>>Run a command:

telnet localhost 5582

Or access this url in your firefox:


>>>> However, this is not open to other computers which means you can not access it by the ip address from another computer.

Want to login now? you need to creat a user first.

>>>> to create a user, you can run below command:

sudo prosodyctl adduser username@localhost

>>>>above command created a user in domain of "localhost". In other online docs you may see people use example.com instead of localhost, the reason is we haven't create any domain so the default domain is localhost. we will discuss this later.




You can login by any XMPP client now (make sure your client and the server are in the same network)

I am using android conversitions:

you need to get your server's ip address and put into "HostName"

the "port" is 5222

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