Thursday, 13 April 2017

could not add test card into apple pay sandbox

Could Not Add Card

Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information.

I got above error when i was trying to add test card into my sandbox user on ipad.

somebody said i can use real bank card with sandbox user, as all sandbox transactions are fake, you will never get charged.   But i won't take any risks...... i want to keep using test cards.

1. i have created a sandbox on itune conntect.
2. i have logged in with the new use on my iphone
3. i am iOS 10.2+
4. i have activated the account via email after logged in
5. i did this in wallet@apple pay
6. tried 5+ cards.
7. my iphone is set with UK region, my sandbox user it UK as well


1. recreate a user with US region
2. change my iphone settings to US region.  (i did that on my ipad, and i have to do with US, but my iphone was ok with UK)
3. try a card with  "American Express"

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