Wednesday, 9 August 2017

install Octave on Mac 10.12

I have xcode, so if you don't better to install it first. (it is free). After you succefully installed it, make sure you open it at least one time to make sure you accepted all agreement from apple.

to install octave (without GUI), then just run below line: (note: this doesn't give you GUI)

brew install octave

if you have prblem of installing, then you can try this;

To install octave with GUI:

just download from below link and install

both have advantage and disadvantage, GUI version of cause has GUI which has more friendly tools and UI for developers. but it doesn't give you the latest version. because GUI is octave + UI, which is compiled by someone (more likely the same people who made the UI). you will need to wait them to publish the latest octave with their UI

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