Thursday, 10 August 2017

octave learning note - plot

when you plot , octave will show a window for a chart,

but octave will only show one window, which means if you run plot for another chart, it will close the previous one and show the new one.

above shows how to overlap two charts on to one diagram.

close to close the chart.

figure(1); plot (a,b ) will keep this window for this chart

figure(2); plot (a,b )  this will create a new window for this new chart without close the previous one.

subplot for use one window to show multi charts.   above command will show 2 charts horizontally, and it actives the first one, later plot will show on the first position.

later subplot(1,2 , 2) actives the second position.

above shows how to plot a matrix (it is actually showing a image)

use "," you can run multi commands in one line.

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