Monday, 21 May 2018

in android Illegal key size or default parameters

just follow up my previous post :

when you try to use cipher in android to encrypt, you may get below error: Illegal key size or default parameters

this is because you are trying to do 256 encryption which default java doesn't support. you will need to change your jce:

For java8 user, you can download from here: (other java version please find your jce accordingly):

then replace “local_policy.jar ”“US_export_policy.jar” into your jre lib.

if you are using mac your jre is here:


then you need to put “local_policy.jar ”“US_export_policy.jar” into:


However, this doen't help. you still get the same error.

that because your android studio is not using this jre, it has a build in jre which is here:


so replace “local_policy.jar ”“US_export_policy.jar” here.

Unfortunately , you still cannot run this code. you need to change your gradle:

testOptions { 
    unitTests.returnDefaultValues = true

after that you can run the code. but you will get:  null for result. 

That because you are trying to run it in your android studio with junit. these code works on android.

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