Monday, 15 October 2018

windows10 auto start programs when it start

first hold "windows" button and type "r" key to start "run" window.

then type : "shell:startup"  and enter.  then it will open a folder.

you can copy your app's short cuts here, you windows10 will auto start then when it starts.

however, if you have more than 1 application/programs to run, and you want to control the order, then you need to use a bat file to do that:


START "" /D C:\Users\demo\Desktop\TSOP-2018-10-02-9-37\Debug\ "ServiceBroker.exe"
TIMEOUT /T 10 /nobreak
START "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Marks and Spencer\BrowseAndOrder22\Platform.Main.exe"


TIMEOUT /T 2   this will make your script to wait for 2 seconds

START "" /D C:\Users\demo\Desktop\xxx-2018-10-02-9-37\Debug\ "xxxx.exe"
above will start you first app,  above code the second parameter is the path of the app and the 3rd is the app you want to run in that folder, sometimes you need to run like this, you can put the whole uri in the 2nd param without the 3rd.
TIMEOUT /T 10 /nobreak   wait for 10 seconds to make sure the first app started.
START "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\fffff\xxx\aaaa.ccc.exe"
run the second app this is another way to run an app -- putting whole uri into one param.

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