Friday, 19 July 2019

Azure function delopment (CD)

Azure function recommend to use deployment center to deploy code to azure function.

The deployment center has multi way to deploy your code.

I have tried azure dev ops and local git.  the deployment tool looks working ok, but it does deploy my new code to azure function......

The only way i found works is using visual stuido code 's azure function extension to deploy. (or use the azure portal to change code directly which we cannot use )

and i found if i create the new function from visual studio --create new function and create new resources,  visual studio will use US as the location....... which is wrong, i still haven't find out how to change the default location.  so my workaround is that: create the function app on azure portal (setup the right location here) then don't create the actual function. then use visual studio to create actual function then deploy to that function created from azure.

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