Tuesday, 30 July 2019

azure function output -- excel table

I am using nodejs--  typescript,

I am trying to integrate Excel Table as my function's output,

but i am not able to install  Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.MicrosoftGraph

clicked "install" a lot of times, but not working



tried above way to install it manually, but doesn't work.

i can back to portal change and save install..... some hack to get the installation seems done, but the app still not able to run.



just found that i just created a new funciton and i can install now.

i was using 2.0.12590.0 (~2) and now i found azure just released 2.0.12612. but the new created function is still using 2.0.12590.0.... any way i can install the extension now, this is the key.

However, i still facing issue, this is about auth.

when i am using the function is giving me below log:

The graph token is missing an oid. Check your Microsoft Graph binding configuration.

I guess it is because :

one example which uses c#

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