Tuesday, 6 August 2019

aure devops pipeline to mvn package a java azure function , error: Failed to get Azure Functions Core Tools version locally

Failed to get Azure Functions Core Tools version locally

i found that if i just use mvn azure function jave archtype which creates a http trigger function default.

if i run mvn package for this, you will find it doesn't run step7 (in above image), it skips the http trigger check.

but if you just create another timer trigger. it will run step7 to check extensions and install (even you have nothing need to be installed)

to check this it will use azure function core tool, which i already installed in my local computer,

however the devops pipeline agent (the box for you to run your pipeline, could be windows, mac or linux).  this box doesn't have azure function core tool installed.

i found i cannot use npm task and run customized command :  `install -g `to install because it will need admin right. and with npm task i cannot ask it to run with sudo.....

so i have to use bash to use apt and install just for the ubuntu box:


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