Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Spring Boot Mongo - E11000 Duplicate Key after added @version

follow up:

i have to add @version because i manually create _id.

But i got "E11000 Duplicate Key" error after that.

the reason is that, the code working ok when i create a new record, but it will throw above error when i was trying to update existing data. because existing data doesn't have Version.

As one of the guys mentioned in below link (actually the best answer doesn't help)

if you have @version and auditing switched on , and if you are trying to update a document which doesn't have version or version is null, then you will have above error.

the error info doesn't help!!


update all your existing data and give a initial version:

db.getCollection('your collection.').updateMany({}, {$set:{version: '1'}})

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