Thursday, 26 March 2020

How to share files between Mac and Deepin

I am a deepin user, I also have a mac.

Now I am going to show you how to share files between deepin and Mac.

It is very simple.

You can use Deepin as a windows pc. just right click the folder you want to share, and click share. (just share within your local network e.g. home wifi, or office wifi)

Then you can access the folder from your Mac

then you can drag and drop files like you used to do in windows.

If you want to have some control.  e.g.  don't allow anonymous access.

then you can :

Then you need to setup a password for the access.

Here is the tricky part:

The username is your login username for deepin system. but you cannot use the same password, you have to create a new one here:

You have to  go into the folder and then find the burger button on the top the find out the menu to set password.

then you can use the usernane and password to access from your mac

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